Custom Ballot Boxes

Temporary ballot boxes are the most intelligent choice for any election situations. They are multifunctional boxes that are square in shape with a precision cut slot on their top in order to accommodate any size of ballot paper. They are a temporary sealed container which can prevent anyone from accessing the contents with in until the election process is over. If you are looking for a reliable source to provide you with ballot boxes at an economical price, the custom packaging is your best friend. After all, we are the boxing champs!

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Custom Sizes & Style
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How Ballot boxes are to used

Ballot boxes are an integral part of the polling stations, however, their use is not just restricted to the sole purpose of ballot collection. Rather, ballot boxes can be used for several other tasks like customer feedback collection, donations, lottery etc. they come in different materials. However, we specialize in corrugated and non-corrugated cardboard ballot boxes. We, at The Custom Packaging provide you with wide range of color selections and design options for these boxes.


Options for customization

At The packaging company, you can be sure that all kind of your boxing requirements are well catered. We work in accordance to your design specification and if there is a need to inspire, we present you with a wide range of options in order to improvise. Thus, we are open to any kind of design goals that you want to achieve. Custom ballot boxes can be designed to have a thematic appearance which will be in accordance to the event theme. With our state of the art printing facility, we assure you that each box with be of supreme quality and have absolutely no defect. A guarantee we confidently provide.

We strive to satisfy you

We believe in cost management and that’s why we provide with below market threshold prices in order to gain your trust and confidence, all while keeping strict quality control regimes. Contact us today to place your order – we are looking forward to working with you.