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How did custom packaging bring a revolution in the market?

There was a time when packaging was not common. Shopkeepers did not have anything in which to pack their products. People used to bring some bag or container from their homes in which to place the products. But with time, people found it necessary to use some covering for the products. Therefore, packaging was invented. Initially, packaging was not very advanced. People just wrapped the product inside some paper or some newspaper that simply covered the product. But later, boxes were invented.

Therefore, these boxes were used to carry the products. As the technology developed, there came an industrial revolution that bought a big change in the market. All the old ways of doing things got transformed. People developed various techniques to attract their customers and improve sales. One such technique is custom packaging.

What is meant by custom packaging?

These days, one word is very famous and that is ‘customization’. Today, every service can be customized to make it suitable for the customer. The very word customization means that the services or the product are modified to make them suitable for the needs of the customer. Similarly, when it comes to packaging, custom packaging means that the boxes or the packaging are molded and made according to the specific product or brand requirement.

This is a very advanced form of packaging that has so many advantages that it has become a need for every brand. If the product is some food item, it has some requirements that are different from the requirements of the cosmetics packaging. Hence, the customized packaging understands this need and therefore, makes modifications in the packaging according to the specific requirements. Custom wholesale packaging bought a revolution in the field of packaging and marketing. The following points illustrate how?

Like product-like packaging:

Customizations allow the person to make the packaging just according to the product. The design, colours, the written material, thus everything that is written on the products, or is related to the product, maybe written on the packaging. For example, if there is face powder, its packaging will be exactly like that of the product. The colours will match the product. Moreover, the packaging can also contain information about the product or the necessary precautions. Furthermore, the packaging also has the procedure written on it about the product use.

Made the transferring of the product to large distances easier:

There was a time when things could not be transferred from one place to the other. There were issues that the product may break during the transfer. Therefore, the packaging made it possible to take the products over long distances. Since it is made according to the specific size of the product, therefore, it keeps the product fixed in its position and it does not move unnecessarily and therefore, the transfer becomes easy. Today, even very fragile and sensitive things can be transferred from one place to another using packaging. Thus, it helped in globalization by making it possible to transfer the products from one place to another.

Establish an identity:

Every brand has its own identity that is defined by the specificity of its services and products. One more thing that helps in forming this identity is the custom packagingThe brand may get packaging that is specific to its products by writing the specific details of the product or by designing the packaging in a specific way. Moreover, a brand may also create a unique packaging style that will serve as the trademark for it. Like, the brand may make boxes with various pictures on them. Or there may be boxes that have particular stories written on them. In this way, the brand establishes its identity by making the packaging very unique and different from that of the competitors.

Create an emotional connection with the person:

Beautiful, colourful things are very significant for attracting customers. They create an emotional connection of the product with the customer. Therefore, a person may get special boxes that can also be used as gift packaging. Such as customized packaging for watches, with some ribbons or stones attached with them, can serve as an excellent gift for the loved one of your customers. Similarly, the packaging may also be made customized for the chocolates. The chocolate brands may get cute, little boxes for their products. These boxes will serve as a great attraction for the customers.

Create as much convenience for the customers as possible:

A customer is the most valuable asset for any brand or service provider. Therefore, they always try to create convenience for their customers. Packaging is one source of this convenience. The packaging is made particularly for the product. Therefore, it can hold the product very easily and also provide durability and protection to the product. Moreover, the customer may also handle the product easily so it may be taken anywhere.

Therefore, all the points mentioned above show that how packaging bought a revolution to the market.

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