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A new generation of packaging; Pillow Boxes!

Nowadays, custom packaging is trending and people are considering the unique options for the safety of their products. They want personalized packaging not only for the safety but also for boosting the reputation of their brand in the eyes of the target audience. In that case, the Pillow Boxes are the best option which can facilitate them in all regards.

There are few benefits of this type of boxes which are highlighted below for better understanding.

Perfect Protection of products:

The pillow boxes are the best option to provide safety to the products against shock, compression, vibration, and other harmful fluctuations of the external environment. And it is also providing perfect protection against the water and dust.


These boxes are usually made up of Kraft or corrugated material which is extremely easy to mould and print on. Die cutter technique is used to make these boxes which creates a clean design and immaculate packaging. Retro style pillow boxes are very desirable for soap and shampoo bars. These are also used for CBD products.

Sustainable packaging:

Custom pillow boxes are the future of sustainable packaging. As mentioned earlier, these are made up of Kraft and corrugated material which is one-hundred percent biodegradable. Corrugated material is even compostable.

Many brands are creating their identity as eco-friendly and eco-conscious brands by adding seeds to their pillow box packaging. This packaging not only degrades a hundred percent but also adds nutrients and may lead to a greener planet.

Easy to print on:

Pillow boxes are extremely easy to print on. They can help your packaging to stand out on the shelf as the logo and graphics are printed true to colour.


Kraft and corrugated material is usually recycled and is very economical. It gives the perfect opportunity for innovation, style and customization while keeping your packaging budget in check.


You can easily customize the pillow boxes according to your requirement. It is very easy to convert the box into any size and design it in a different style. You can add a window to it which will enhance the appeal of your product. Furthermore, paper and plastic can use in the manufacturing of the boxes to hold the product appropriately. The pillow boxes can facilitate people in person as well as professional usage.

Add-on options:

You can opt for a glazed finish, matte finish or UV finish. You can even add a velvety touch to your box. Touching and feeling a product is a vital part of the whole retail experience. It facilitates the customer’s buying decision by positive influence.

The Custom Packaging UK is the best option when you want to see perfection in the Pillow Boxes packaging. Our professionals are very experienced and aim to provide the perfect boxes to the clients at the affordable rates. Thus, contact us and get the best packaging options for your products.